Convert RM to AVI on Mac Guide

How to convert .rm to ipod files on Mac OS?

Step 1 Download and install .rm to iPod converter for Mac

You can download the latest version of iPod converter for Mac directly from our home site. If you are going to use it for the first time, you will usually download a trial version, but it has the same performance and function design which guarantee you can have a fully evaluation.

Step 2 Add files
Time to load your favorite video and audio files.
Click the "Add File" button .you can load an entire list of files. The batch conversion system supports to convert file as many as possible. Also, you could use the "Remove all" button to remove all the files you wrongly loaded previously.

RM to iPod Video Converter for Mac

Step 3 further detailed setting video/ audio files
Flv to iPod converter for Mac has a video editing system that enables you to customize a personalized video by yourself, this bring you a lot DIY joy.
Click effect tab, this enables to tune contrast, saturation, brightness numbers to get the most desired effect out of the video. You can also select Gray, Old film, Emboss, for some special setting for video.

RM to iPod Video Converter for Mac

Many users don’t want the black sides be seen in the output video, fine click Crop…tab, this enables you remove the part like black sides or subtitle very easily.

RM to iPod Video Converter for Mac

Click trim…tab you can trim video and audio.
This function applies to both video and audio files.
For video, you can use this to select certain segment of video in the clip to convert to a certain format.
For audio, if you think the song is too long or you just need a small portion of it, you can set the staring time and ending time to get the desired part out of the clip easily.

RM to iPod Video Converter for Mac

Step 5. Convert video
Click Convert…button the entire list of video/audio will be converted quickly and smoothly, just wait patiently until the conversion is done.

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Note: This version is for Mac OS. If you are using Windows™, please click here.
RM to iPod converter for mac is powerful rm to iPod converter software which helps you convert real media (.rm) to h.264 or merg-4 for play back on iPod, or convert .rm to avi, flv, mp4, m4v and many others formats to satisfy with more your projects needs. The rm to iPod converter for Mac is capable of converting a batch of video and audio files very easily and fast with high quality.