Convert RM to AVI on Mac Guide

How to convert realmedia .rm to .avi on Mac OS?

RM to AVI converter for Mac is able to convert rm, rmvb and ra file to friendly video format avi and a variety of others with least time and best output quality. If you get trouble that QuickTimer player can’t play RM/RMVB files, RM to AVI converter for Mac will be your best choice to convert rm/rmvb to QuickTime readable format mov. At the time you think you get the right program there are reasons behind. Rm converter to avi manages to play, edit and convert rm/rmvb file to meet all your demands.

Being a regular QuickTime player user operating on Mac OS X, you may have encountered some video file in rm/rmvb file extension for couple of times. Still remember how did you play them with QuickTime or was there another way to play them?

RM Converter for Mac is easy to use software being capable of converting rm video file in absolutely any other video format like mov, mpg, flv, mp4, dv, m4v, wmv and swf,etc. All you have to do is to load a list of your favorite rm file (video/audio) to RM Converter for Mac, select the output format then hit convert and that's it. Best thing is, no extra codecs are needed.

How to convert realmedia .rm to .avi files on Mac OS?

Step 1 Download and Install RM to AVI Converter for Mac
You will download a .zip from the link that contains intel processor.dmg and PowerPC .dmg. If your computer is running on Intel Processor, then select the first one. If your computer is running on PowerPc, then click PowerPC.dmg.

Step 2 Load .rm (video/audio) file
Hit 'Add' button to load all the rm/rmvb files needed to be converted. You can load rm, rmvb and .ra files, and the batch mode allows you to import as many files as possible.

Mac RM to AVI Converter

Step 3 Select output formats
Select an output format for the source file in the drop down list next to the Profile filed. Choose a location to store the converted file in the Output pull down list.

Mac RM to AVI Converter

Step 4 convert video
Hit convert the entire list of rm/rmvb files will be converted immediately. The time takes depending on the number of files you loaded.

Mac RM to AVI Converter

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